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Read More Hire a WooCommerce Developer
5 January 2023 WooCommerce

Hire a WooCommerce Developer to Manage your Online Store

Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a new business or a small business owner looking to expand your online presence, hiring a skilled WooCommerce developer can be a smart investment. WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPr...

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23 March 2021 Reviews WooCommerce

9 Best WooCommerce Invoice Plugins

We’ll be talking about the most professional and feature-rich invoice plugins in our WooCommerce invoice plugin list. Invoice plugins, which are developed for WooCommerce, are more functional plugins than ordinary simple plugins and some modifi...

Read More WooCommerce Cash On Delivery
23 March 2021 WooCommerce

WooCommerce Cash On Delivery Extra Fee

WooCommerce cash on delivery is a feature that many e-commerce users need. E-commerce sites usually make the most sales with the option to cash on delivery. Normally you can choose to cash on delivery as a new shipping route from WooCommerce> Sett...

Read More How To Add Social Media Links To Google Search Profile?
23 March 2021 SEO Social Media

How to Add Social Media Links to Google Search Profile?

If you are a corporate website owner, you want your visitors to see the best results for your site in Google search results. One of the most important steps of this is to be able to show your social media profiles in Google searches. Today I will tel...

Read More How To Make Perfect WordPress SEO?
23 March 2021 SEO

How To Make Perfect WordPress SEO?

There are some important things you need to know before you can do WordPress SEO. SEO, search engine optimization, is the name given to all of the criteria that help Google and similar search engines to analyze your website in a better way, and to op...

Read More How To Add Facebook Comments To WordPress
23 March 2021 Social Media

How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress

Social media is a platform that is used by almost everyone today. Most of the people search the topics they are curious about through social channels and leave comments on them. Facebook is the most preferred social media platform in the world. Pe...

Read More How To Add An Instagram Feed To WordPress
23 March 2021 Social Media

How to Add an Instagram Feed to WordPress

You can increase your social media interactions and use your Instagram profile as a powerful way to attract visitors to your site by adding the WordPress Instagram feed feature to your site. Adding Instagram to a WordPress site is not as difficult as...

Read More How To Make Perfect WordPress SEO?
23 March 2021 Reviews SEO

All In One SEO VS Yoast SEO Comparison – Which Is Better?

There are many SEO plugins offered to users to provide WordPress search engine optimization. WordPress has very advanced management systems in this regard. There are some plugins for website owners that control SEO rules while entering content on ...

Read More How To Disable File And Folder View In WordPress
23 March 2021 Security

How To Disable File And Folder View In WordPress

When you install WordPress in some web hosting companies, index files (index.php or index.html) are not included in the folders by default. Due to this problem; many folders in the main directory, where your website is installed, may appear openly to...

Read More How To Stop And Prevent A WordPress DDoS Attack
23 March 2021 Security

WordPress Security Plugins And Site Vulnerabilities Detection

Although the WordPress infrastructure has a solid structure in terms of security, it is not 100% safe from attacks. If you want your site to have a more robust structure against hacking attempts and malware / links, this article will help you. In add...

Read More How To Do WordPress Virus Removal
23 March 2021 Security

Stopping Spam Comments with the WordPress Akismet Plugin

If your website or blog gets too many spam comments, the simplest way to prevent it on WordPress sites is the akismet spam blocker plugin. With the Akismet WordPress plugin that I will introduce to you today, you can automatically delete all spam ...

Read More Edit WordPress File And Folder Permissions In A Few Steps
23 March 2021 Security

Edit WordPress File And Folder Permissions In A Few Steps

WordPress file and folder permissions are extremely important for security. Usually, WordPress default file permissions are set correctly in manual installations and installations you do on web hosting. As an exception, sometimes users need to make s...

Read More How To Change WordPress Login Link
23 March 2021 Security

How to Change WordPress Login Link

If you are afraid that your WordPress site will be harmed by malicious people, today I will talk about a very easy-to-use plugin for you. With this plugin, you will be able to change the WordPress default login link wp-login.php extension with just o...

Read More What You Should Know About The WordPress Htaccess File
23 March 2021 Security WordPress Tips

What You Should Know About the WordPress Htaccess File

The .htaccess file has a huge impact on the site. As it is used to configure server settings such as access permissions, blocking and error messages, it is possible to do operations such as IP blocking, compressing data with .htaccess. Never edit ...