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Let’s prepare your e-commerce site with WooCommerce and start selling without wasting time

How Does WooCommerce Support Work?

We complete and deliver your e-commerce site in 3 steps

  • We provide the information.

    We request some information and documents from you like tax plate for credit card integration, signature stamps etc. and then we start our work.

  • We prepare your contents.

    In this step, we complete the entry of all sub-pages, categories and products of your site and present them to you.

  • Delivery and support.

    If everything is prepared according to your request, we deliver all the accounts which are opened for your site to you and deliver the work with educational videos.

WooCommerce is the simplest and most useful e-commerce system ever. If you want to manage your e-commerce operations yourself, WooCommerce is the ideal solution.

Duha Sude Ayvaz
Founder - badebutik.com

Instagram’s biggest boutiques started e-commerce with WooCommerce. What about you, are you ready?

In content management systems (example: WordPress), the sale of products on the site is possible with special e-commerce plugins. WooCommerce plugin, which improves the quality of your site, is the most preferred plugin in this category. Almost 30% of companies in the e-commerce category use this plugin. As WP Service, we offer e-commerce solutions with WooCommerce support options since 2014.

This plugin, which has effective features in terms of quality of use, ranks first in the preference ranking. It has many effective features such as WooCommerce, reservation, subscription and appointment. Some of these features are paid and some are free. Setting up a store and adding products is very simple. It is a good option for beginners because of its practical and effective use. This plugin, which saves you from dealing with complex operations, also prevents time loss. We easily buy this effective software for your site. Usage features and other features are followed.


WooCommerce advantages

With the most detailed WooCommerce setup service, your e-commerce site is ready in a very short time!

  • Updates are free.

    The basic version is free. The tool kit, which facilitates online sales, provides practical use. You can add plugins to free basic software. These plugins can be paid or free.

  • Developable infrastructure.

    It can be developed with credit card integration, subscription and many other necessary add-ons. WooCommerce functional features can have higher quality features with paid plugins.

  • Detailed reporting.

    You can follow up customer information in the best way, and report order time, address, order specifications and all other information in separate tables as you wish.

  • Maximum security.

    Credit card information of customers is never accessible. This and similar information is securely protected. The required security features provide ease of use.

  • Advanced control.

    WooCommerce, with thousands of plugin possibilities, takes shape according to the needs of your site. It also has a bug tracking feature. It fixes errors and improves the quality of use.

  • SEO friendly.

    You can integrate modern analytics options such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica. The most suitable infrastructure in terms of SEO is at your service with WooCommerce.

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Some companies that we are happy to work with are listed below. Turkey’s largest company in the field of corporate and e-commerce is quite happy to be working with us. Do you want to join us too?

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