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Service Working Process

Our first goal is to prepare your website as soon as possible.

  • exchange of ideas

    Before starting our work, we decide which WordPress hosting package you should choose and also decide the best domain name and one of thousands of WordPress themes for your business. 

  • preparing your site

    After the theme selection for your WordPress site, all your pages and contents are prepared in line with the information provided from you, and revisions continue until you say OK.

  • detailed reporting

    After the preparation of your site, we prepare special training videos for you. With these videos, we explain how to manage your website, and then your 1 year free support process begins.

Service Sectors

In the list below you can see which industries
the WordPress installation service is ideal for.

  • corporate firms

    Whether local or online, every corporate company needs a website. The most effective way to announce your business is the internet environment.

  • e-commerce

    Start selling online with e-commerce website setup packages, which are a must for Instagram boutiques.

  • magazine & news

    The most suitable solutions for all the needs of city guides, magazine sites and news sites are available in WordPress infrastructure!

  • personal blog

    If you have a special topic you want to write about or what you want to share, the best platform for this kind of setup is WordPress.

  • real estate & construction

    Showing your construction projects or real estate portfolio to your customers on an online platform gives you great advantages.

  • other industries

    Apart from these sectors, WordPress has an ideal infrastructure for all corporate or personal projects.

The best convenient installation packages for your dream website

Choose the WordPress packages below that best suit to your business. If any of these packages
do not meet your requests, contact us to discuss all of the details.

WordPress support and setup fees do not include VAT. 18% VAT rate will be reflected to you during invoicing.

What Does the WordPress Installation Service Include?

You can contact us for WordPress installation services specific to your business and
You can take advantage of our special opportunities

  • Is the theme price included in the package?

    Yes, it is included in the price. The installation of any WordPress theme you like from the company we collaborate with is included in our prices in all packages. Average theme fees are around ($ 45 – 65).

  • Is there a right to revise the works?

    Yes, you have the right to revision. As a result, you are receiving a service and it is very important for us to feel comfortable with the service you have purchased. Therefore, in order to provide you the best service, you have the right to revise as much as you wish. For example your revision rights are; editing your logo, editing theme colors and fonts, editing page widths, etc.

  • Do we provide SEO services?

    Yes, we provide professional and beginner SEO services. You can get detailed information about all SEO packages from our WordPress SEO  WordPress SEO Service page.

  • How can you pay?

    You can pay by credit card for all services you purchase through WP Service. We also accept payments by bank transfer / EFT.

  • How many days are the projects completed?

    Depending on the type of the website to be prepared (eg: e-commerce or blog), the studies take between 1 and 5 working days. This period may be shortened depending on the fast delivery of the informations and documents requested from you.

  • Why hosting, domain and SSL for 1 year?

    Hosting, Domain name and SSL are covered by us in the first year of all the works we do for you. In the following years, you can pay the relevant companies for these services yourself and extend the usage period of your website as you wish.

  • Will you get a report about the project?

    Yes, we report about the project. This report will be sent to your specified e-mail address within a maximum of 1 to 2 business days after the end of the project.

  • Will you be able to get support after the project?

    Yes, you can get help and support after the project. The support covers; an error that may occur on the site, theme, WordPress substructure or any plugin. Support times vary according to packages, for example; the starter package includes 3 months, the professional package 6 months and the corporate package 1 year support. This period can be extended optionally, please contact for detailed information.

  • Is there a refund?

    Unfortunately no. We provide digital services and unfortunately, the transactions cannot be undone. Therefore, it is our duty to satisfy you by making all transactions by us until you will be satisfied with the work done.

  • How will you manage your website?

    We shoot and send you detailed videos on the management of your site, adding products, order tracking and similar topics, exclusively for our E-commerce package. In this way, you can have sufficient knowledge about how to manage your website.

Get your dreams with WordPress

The right solution for your corporate website

Internet / websites stand out as one of our vital needs today, when the digital world makes itself felt better. Web sites appear as a kind of interface that allows navigation in the internet environment. In particular, they are a great need for companies and individuals engaged in commercial activities.

WP Service provides important services to its customers in terms of both website designs and support software.

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WordPress is the world’s most advanced content management system. Therefore, there are hundreds of themes and thousands of plugins that work in full integration with the WP infrastructure. The installation of all plugins and themes required to develop your website is done by WP Service.

Additional Features
Additional Features

We use the world's best applications as a solution partner

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