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You can organically increase the visibility of your website and reach more customers with WordPress SEO service.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with WordPress SEO support

It should not be forgotten that today, professional SEO work and an impressive website have great importance in delivering products and services to the right people.

  • On-site SEO works

    Installing the most successful WordPress SEO plugin and making all adjustments
    Identifying and editing all pages with missing title and description

    Detection of all broken links on your website and redirecting to new links related to 301 redirect

    Optimizing the images on your site and detecting and editing images that do not contain alt tags

    Setting your site speed to reach the highest level and installing the necessary cache plugins

    A detailed report on determining whether your site is responsive to mobile devices, and if not, determining a new roadmap

  • Off-site SEO works

    Making your Google Search Console, Bing and Yandex Web Master Tools records and creating your Sitemap XML file

    Adjusting Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Re-Marketing codes and adding to your site

    Creating your social media profiles for your site, preparing their images and sharing your content (maximum 10) on social media platforms

    Registration of your site to the biggest company directories

    A promotional article about your site in the most valuable forums

    Receiving promotional articles about your website on sites with similar content to your business

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on ads? With a successful SEO work, rank first in Google and be one step ahead of your competitors!

WordPress Support Specialist

Detailed SEO Service

SEO is the most important element that allows you to be in the ranks
without spending advertising fees on your site

It is very important to use the internet correctly in order to survive in today’s competitive conditions. It is possible to make this a reality with an impressive website. In order to increase the customer potential and create permanent customers, a useful, easy-to-see and continuously visited site should be obtained.

Under the WordPress SEO works we have carried out on this subject, we enable our products and services to reach your customers correctly. As a result of the SEO work we handle with a professional understanding, we give your website the opportunity to reach customers with the right interaction. In order to stay ahead of your competitors in search engines, we consider all the necessary factors for SEO.

Why SEO?
Why SEO?

In order to be permanent in the internet world and to be in constant communication with customers, it is necessary to have the right website. Therefore, we offer you this opportunity with professional web software service. In addition, the web design and graphic design options, that will be appreciated, are implemented on the right platform depending on the purpose you wish to realize.

After our service, which we have completed with SEO works, you can step forward under tough competition conditions. In addition, after the support you have received from us, you can always contact us for different issues in the future. We are ready to provide any kind of support to you.

The infrastructure of the sites we have designed for you is based on WordPress, the world’s most used system. Thus, you can stay online in the internet world and give your customers the opportunity to visit your site for a long time.

Thanks to eye-catching designs, your customers can easily visit your site through different devices. Both desktop version and mobile application provide effective presentation with wide range of usage alternatives.

Design and performance in one!
Design and performance in one!
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